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Keyword Marketing

What is Keyword Marketing ?

Keyword Marketing is finding the most searched for keywords used on Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN etc and then implementing these top keywords into your website, pay per click campaigns, TV and Radio marketing.

Plus, we also offer you the best months which people search for most keyword items so that you can better utilise your marketing budget.


Statistics show that over 97% of people who click the PPC link leave the target website shortly after arriving. If you check your own sales stats compared to Visitor stats you will see that this is fairly accurate.

If you are currently getting higher than 5% sales conversions, then you are exceptional and, you may be able to double or tripple that with professional assistance.

Why Do People Leave ?

Research shows that most people very easily get confused and then decide that NO (this is not what I want) is a simpler solution than PERHAPS (I should stay and look around a bit).

What is also strangely coincidentally interesting is that over 98% of people visiting websites do so under stress (usually time related) and that people under 25 have attention spans of between 4 - 8 seconds per page, between 6 - 10 seconds for the 25 - 35 year olds and people over 40 tend to stay on the page for 15 - 30 seconds.

By knowing these facts and many others, we are able to get our clients much higher conversion rates (on average) of several hundred % better than current statistics.

400% Better

As of June 2007, none of our current clients are receiving less than 400% better results compared to what they were getting before we took over.

Our best client consistently gets 26% plus on bad months and up to 35% plus on good months. (per 100 visitors)

Another Interesting Statistic

Another interesting statistic is that people often search for the same item under different names at different times of the year.


An example of this is the item Security camera / Surveillance camera

What is interesting is that most people think that this is the same thing, yet, people search for a Security camera at the beginning of the year and a Surveillance camera around the middle of the year.

Kinda wierd I know but think of this. If you know what people want and when, you can really focus your marketing campaign to maximise sales at that critical time.

It could be likened to the potential of having December sales results several times a year.

The Best Sales Months

Remember, we offer the best months** when people generally do most of their searching for this item. (** for most keywords)

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