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Keyword Marketing - Keyword Statistics

Let us get your Keyword Marketing statistics.

Do you know how this may help you ?

Keyword Statistics show you What, Where and When.

What people are looking for the most, Where to invest the most of your advertising budget and When to do so.

Why do this ?

Because people look for different keywords at different times of the year.

Armed with this important information, many companies can often have several bonanza months a year instead of just the final end of year sales.

Read the following FOR EXAMPLE story at the bottom of the Keyword Marketing page.


Most people target the bulk of their advertising to the November/December period when they think that they get the most sales. And whilst true in part, this can often be misleading and the company may be missing out on several extra fantastic months of sales.

The graph below shows that there is a strong market for this particular product for several months prior to december and also a very solid 3 months at the beginning of the year as well.

It also shows that this company may like to focus their marketing budget towards other products they offer during April, May, June, July to get a better ROI.

Imagine if you had this information for all of the products you sell. Think of the marketing edge you would have over your competitors.

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