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Keyword Marketing - Pay Per Click Maintenance

Pay Per Click Maintenance is basically where we go into your PPC account, find the problems, fix it up and then, then if you so choose, turn the ongoing maintenance over to you or whomever you nominate.

Or we can Manage your campaigns for you if you like.

We get a list of keywords from you related to your services or products and we search our database for more keywords which you do not have.

We then customise your PPC campaign including GeoTargeting and Demographic Specific content pages.

We then test this over 4 - 8 weeks and finally, as stated above, once we are happy that your campaign is "on track" we turn this over to you to manage personally, if you choose, or via a 3rd party. Alternatively, we can Manage your campaigns for you if you like.

Please Note:

While we will do a spectacular job with your job, when we do "this" system, we do not include all of the "tricks" we would employ when we control the ongoing Management of your campaign. This is done for Intellectual Property reasons.

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